Monday, August 5, 2013

Even Newer Developments in Psak Din Court Case Concerning Kashrus

There have been a flurry of motions and TROs (Temporary Restraining Orders) in the Kashrus case in the last week.  The latest status seems to be as follows:

There are Court hearings scheduled for August 15 and August 21.  These hearings will listen to arguments about the validity of the new Vaad HaKashrus that was appointed by the Vaad HaKohol (for the sake of clarity we will call it the Vaad HaKohol's Vaad HaKashrus).   In the meantime, until further Court Orders:

  • The Court's Order of July 11 discussed in our previous post has been modified in order to allow the CHK to continue to function and pay its bills.  The requirement to deposit the money with the Court has been changed, and the current Vaad HaKashrus, (for the sake of clarity we will call it the Levertov Vaad HaKashrus) can continue to receive money from its clients and to pay its bills. 
  • The Levertov Vaad HaKashrus cannot hold themselves to be the directors of the Vaad HaKashrus, and they cannot receive pay.  This includes Rabbi Osdoba and his two sons, as well as Rabbi Segal and Beryl Levertov.
  • All checks written will be signed by the Levertov Vaad HaKashrus, but will require a co-signature from one of the members of the Vaad HaKohol's Vaad HaKashrus.