Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Development in Psak Din Court Case Concerning Kashrus

A hearing was held on July 11, 2013 in the court case concerning the question of enforcing the Psak Din of the Rosenberg Beis Din Zabla.  The hearing concerned a motion made by the Vaad HaKohol to enforce that Kashrus must be run by the Vaad HaKohol and all the Rabbonim of the Beis Din, and not as a private enterprise of Rabbi Osdoba.  (See Tab above for the court papers.)

The Vaad Hakohol presented a settlement agreement  that appointed a new Vaad HaKashrus that will run the CHK hechsher along with all the Rabbonim of the Beis Din. This settlement agreement was co-signed by a majority of the Rabbonim of the Beis Din (Rabbi Schwei and Rabbi Braun).

The Judge heard oral arguments and set a date of August 21, 2013 to have a hearing on the settlement agreement that the Vaad Hakohol submitted.  In the meantime, all money belonging to Rabbi Osdoba's Vaad HaKashrus, together with all proceeds of the CHK hechsher, must be turned over to the Court immediately, pending the Court's final decision.

Here is the text of the Judge's order:

The oral application the the Responsent's represented by Seidemann & Mermelstein, and the Abramson Law Group, PLLC ("The Osdoba Respondents") for an evidentiary hearing on the authenticity of the Kashrus Settlement Agreement dated June 4, 2013 is granted, and the hearing shall be held on August 21, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.
The motion & cross-motion of the parties is adjourned to August 21, 2013 and the Respondents opposition shall be served on or before August 14, 2013. (No extensions.)
Furthermore, the Osdoba respondents shall deposit forthwith, with the Court all reserve and/or monies received or held by Va'ad Hakashrus entities and/or their [unreadable] (Vaad Hakashrus of Crown Heights, Corp.,  Vaad Hakashrus of Crown Heights, Inc.,  Vaad Hakashrus Crown Heights, Inc.,  and Vaad Hakashrus of Crown Heights, pending further orders of this Court.
Signed by Judge Karen Rothenberg on July 11, 2013