Time Line of Current Rabbonim Machlokis

January, 2005                          Rubashkin is elected to Vaad HaKohol
April – May, 2006                  Rubashkin makes elections for Rabbis Raitport, Zirkind and Segal
June, 2006                               Rabbi Schwei evicted from Beis Din offices.
November, 2007                     Rubashkin arrested for keeping hazardous material.
February, 2008                        Rubashin pleads guilty to charges, and accepts plea bargain.
November, 2008                     Rubashkin begins serving 16 month jail sentence
May, 2009                               New elections for JCC/Vaad Hakohol           - Brownstein, Cadaner, Polterak and Sperlin elected.
May, 2009                               Rubashkin, Lang, and Plotkin go to secular court to invalidate Vaad elections.
October, 2009                         Case removed from Court pending arbitration agreement to go to Beis Din, on condition that Psak Din is recorded and enforced by the Court.
November - December, 2009 Rosenberg Beis Din Zabla in session
April, 2010                             Psak Din issued by Rosenberg Beis Din
September, 2010                     Rabbi Braun Elected
January, 2011                          Rosenberg Zabla Psak Din on Rabbi Braun's Semicha        
January, 2011                          Rabbi Schwei moves back in to Beis Din offices
April, 2011                            Court Case 1 - Vaad HaKohol makes secular Court motion to record and enforce Rosenberg Psak Din per arbitration agreement (see entry for October, 2009, above).
September, 2011                     Court Case 1 - Rabbi Osdoba submits court papers to invalidate Rosenberg Din Torah, and prevent recording of Psak Din.
June, 2012                               Court Case 1 - Court orders Rabbi Osdoba to return to Rosenberg Beis Din.
October, 2012                         Court Case 1 - Court orders both sides in Court case to show proof that they are returning to Rosenberg Beis Din.
May, 2013                               Court Case 2 - Rabbi Osdoba sues Rabbi Braun in secular court for fraud and damages, and asks Court to disqualify Rabbi Braun from sitting on Crown Heights Beis Din.