Friday, September 13, 2013

Court Hearing on Kashrus Case - 9/12/13 - No Date For Din Torah

The Court proceedings today lasted for only a matter of minutes.  Judge Rothenberg was told that the Osdoba group did not yet pay the money they owe to the Rosenberg Beis Din Zabla, and, therefore, Rabbi Rosenberg was not willing to discuss dates for further proceedings.

The Judge appeared angry and annoyed.  She was unwilling to listen to the excuses of Rabbi Osdoba's lawyer.  She said she expected to have a date for the Beis Din proceedings, as the Osdoba group had been told to make the necessary financial arrangements, and they had agreed to do so.   Since they failed to comply with her order and failed to do what they agreed to do, she said she would now make her decision and would issue it in writing.  The Judge noted, however, that, should she receive word that there is a date scheduled for the Beis Din arbitration to proceed, she would consider delaying issuing her ruling until after the Din Torah.